Cyborg Experiment #1

14 - 20 Aug

“Cyborg Experiment #1” is a daring spectacle, a cabaret of the future presenting different theatrical, dance, musical, poetic, visual and even pseudo-scientific acts. Five international and multi-talented artists present us with a total theatre experience in a universe located somewhere between David Bowie, the Matrix and David Lynch.

In a succession of experiments on the future, sometimes satirical, sometimes funny or serious, the quintet leads the audience through a plethora of emotions and discoveries. Under the cover of fantastic and poetic situations, the artists play out a sensitive reflection on our society and its problems, taking a defiant, political stance.






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Snowapple is a pluridisciplinary and international artists’ collective that values new encounters, collaborations and artistic experiments. They believe that art is everywhere and that it has no rules other than the ones we want to give it. Their projects include Snowapple, a music group appearing in various formations, the theatre troupe Moon CabaretJardin Rouge Festival, Casa Snowapple Mx artist residency, the art film A Moonless Night and many more.

Photo credit: © Louis de Ducla

*Concession rate is available for members of the French Institute in Scotland, students at a university or other place of higher education, people under 18, people over 60, registered job seekers and disabled people (free for the accompanying person). Proof of entitlement will be required.
*Family rate applies for 4 people, including a maximum of 2 adults.