Sat 3 Aug
Founded in 2019, Dunewind, London based progressive pop band released two self-produced solo albums in 2020 and 2021 before becoming a full band in 2022. Their music seamlessly blends diverse influences, including Pink Floyd, Steve Reich, Muse, Radiohead, and the band Everything Everything, Dunewind’s distinct sound arises from their fusion of cultural backgrounds (French, Romanian, Bulgarian) and their culture of classical, rock, pop, and folk music. Collaborations with artists such as harpist Nailah Hunter and producer Pastel, along with features on Poolside FM, NTS Radio Los Angeles, and BBC Introducing, Hoxton Radio and Riverside FM have further established their presence on the indie London scene. Having performed on legendary underground venues, including MAP Studio Cafe, Roadtrip and Workshop, Amersham Arms, Hope and Anchor, and Spice of Life, Dunewind has released its first EP “Midnight on the Dune” on 17th of May and is performing its first national tour for summer 2024. 
Vocals and Keyboard : Pierre Audiger
Guitar : Todor Todorov
Bass : Alexandru Marian
Drums : Bogdan Ciobanu