Wine Tasting

Thu 5 Oct
Wine Tasting
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The Cervantes Chair, an extension of the Cervantes Institute in Manchester at the University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with the General Consulate of Spain in Edinburgh and the 2023 Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival, is organizing a wine tasting event featuring a selection of six wines from the prestigious Bodegas Martín Códax. The wine tasting will be accompanied by an introduction to Spanish wine culture by journalist and sommelier Meritxell Falgueras.

Bodegas Martín Códax was established in 1985 thanks to a group of 50 winegrowers who, recognising the potential of the Albariño grape, embarked on an ambitious collaborative project that now involves over 500 families. The Bodega now sets a true benchmark for the Rivas Baixas Designation of Origin, both within and beyond its borders, exporting to over 50 countries worldwide.

The Bodega is situated at the heart of Galicia’s Val do Salnés, in the North West of Spain. An area with a long winemaking tradition, its terroir is perfect for the cultivation of the Albariño grape. Crops are grown in small plots close to the sea, receiving both the direct and indirect influence of the Atlantic. This is reflected in the distinctive freshness of Bodegas Martín Códax’s 100% Albariño wines. Each bottle is a true reflection of the Atlantic.

In the present day, Bodega Martín Códax explores the possibilities of the Albariño grape, creating wines that stand out for their exceptional quality and unique characteristics. In this proposed tasting, we will sample different Albariño wines from the Bodega Martín Códax, such as Martín Códax, Martín Códax Espumoso, as well as some special editions including Martín Códax Lías, Martín Códax Vindel, Martín Códax Gallaecia, and Organistrum.

In cultural partnership with the Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival.