Exile for Two Violins

7-13 Aug

It’s 1940 and Bartók goes into exile in the United States, taking with him his 44 duos for two violins, based on Hungarian, Slovakian, Serbian, Romanian or Arabian folk tunes, simple yet refined. Not a technical representation of his work, Compagnie Bacchus’s show is a sensitive approach to the composer, his research and musical ambitions. Bartók also reflects on the times, his political commitment, his opposition to Nazism, his attachment to his native land and his exile in New York as he encounters different individuals embodied by the two violinists who engage him and each other.




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In 1985, Jean Pétrement created Compagnie Bacchus in Besançon, an initiative supported by Denis Llorca (director of the Franche-Comté CDN), based on a project by the young regional professional troupe.

The artistic project of Compagnie Bacchus revolves around creation, training and theatrical distribution. Since its creation, Compagnie Bacchus has created more than 50 shows broadcast in France and around the world: Canada, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Morocco, Algeria, Chad, Switzerland, United States…

But what drives Compagnie Bacchus is creation, what has kept us passionate for all these years is the philosophy of Bacchus which remains unchanged: “What defines my artistic signature and that of the Compagnie Bacchus is the idea of a popular theater which is in action with our daily universe.” -Jean Pétrement.

Author, director, actor, and founder of the Bacchus Company in 1985, Jean
trained at the Conservatoire National de Région (P. Lera) and at the Centre
de Rencontre of Besançon (J. Vingler, J. Fornier), he joined the Centre
Dramatique of Franche-Comté’s young professionals from 1982 to 1985
under the direction of Denis Llorca.



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