Groupe de lecture Bande Dessinée enfants – “Jedda: L’Esprit de l’eau”

Thu 2 May
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The graphic novel selected for this reading group will echo the exhibitions presented at the Institut Français d’Écosse and will talk about Ecology and our relationship with Nature.

“Jedda: L’Esprit de l’eau” de Fabien Fernandez et Nicoletta Migaldi – ed. Jungle
Album lauréat du Prix BD Jeunesse Cabaret Vert 2023 – cf. exposition à la bibliothèque

About the book:

Jedda is a young Aboriginal girl who suffers from the terrible drought like the other inhabitants of her village. She should wait for the dream-man to bring rain, but he has been gone too long. Guided by a dream, she sets off in search of a source. But travelling on a barren continent is a tough ordeal, especially when certain nature spirits decide to capture her.

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