Groupe de lecture “L’inconnu de la poste” de Florence Aubenas

Tue 31 Oct
Books & Ideas

Once a month, the reading group meets up to discuss a couple of books selected in advance (from classical to contemporary French literature) and discovers other members’ views on them. Meetings are taking place at the Institut français d’Écosse, usually on the last Tuesday of the month.

About the book :

The village is Montreal-la-Cluse. The victim is Catherine Burgod, who was stabbed twenty-eight times in the post office where she worked. This book is therefore the story of a crime. It took Florence Aubenas seven years to reconstruct all the episodes – all but one. The result is striking. Beyond the news item and the police investigation, L’Inconnu de la poste is the portrait of a France that it would be wrong to say ordinary. Because if chance seems to govern the lives of the protagonists of this story, Florence Aubenas offers each of them the dignity of a destiny.