La guerre de Troie n’aura pas lieu

15 to 17 March
Paris, the prince of Troy, has stolen Helen, the queen of Sparta, from her husband, Menelas. The Greek army is threatening War against Troy if they don’t return Helen. Hector, the brother of Paris and heir to the throne of Troy, returns from war and is determined to bring about a period of peace. He tries every which way to get Helen to return to Greece. But Cassandra, princess of Troy and prophetess, is convinced that the war will ultimately happen, despite all efforts to prevent it.
The play is performed by Les Escogriffes, Edinburgh University’s French Theatre Society. First established in 1969, the society is made up of students who come together to organise, direct and perform a play in French every year. 
This event is organized as part of the Mois de la francophonie 2024
To apply the concession price please use the promo code ESCO24.