Meet Zoé Brocaille, author of “Journal d’une fausse Parisienne in London”

Thu 18 April
Books & Ideas

Ten years ago, French-born Zoé Brocaille decided to up sticks and move to London for a short spell to broaden her work experience. Little did she realise that her decision would morph into a long-term life change. London piqued Zoé’s curiosity and captured her attention, in particular the often difficult, sometimes hilarious, yet always interesting quirks of an expatriate life in the UK.

When the pandemic hit, what could have been a challenging situation for Zoé instead became a wake-up call when she realised she could use her time during lockdowns to achieve one of her dreams: to write a book. In Journal d’une fausse Parisienne in London, we follow the life of Xenia, a single, forty-something, child-free workaholic navigating the trials of the pandemic with a desire for a more meaningful life.

Drawing on her background in psychosociology and using her expatriate status to provide an alternative perspective, Zoé offers readers a sharper focus and helps them identify what is important, what to fight for and when to let go.

Zoé Brocaille will focus her conference on creative writing and self-publishing.

Parisian at heart and English by adoption, Zoé Brocaille does not fit into boxes. She prefers backpacking trips and authentic human experiences, as a psychosociologist. Zoé likes to highlight different facets of humanity to help us better find our own self.