Never Been So Hight

6 to 15 Aug

Imagine a world where every gesture, look, and movement is filled with deep meaning. Stories are told without words but touch the heart. Comedy and drama blend, bringing laughter, tears, nostalgia, and joy to the audience.

Pantomime leads to self-discovery, helping us find and protect our inner child. It shows that even in life’s toughest trials, miracles are possible if we see the world with kindness and magic.

Never Been So High invites you on this journey. This solo performance explores connecting with your inner child amid life’s challenges. It’s not just entertainment; it’s a profound experience that can change your perspective. The mime’s skill ensures every moment is captivating, filled with magic, music, plot twists, and humor.

As Charlie Chaplin said, “Pantomime is a universal language.” Let “Never Been So High” open new horizons of your imagination.

The actress of the performance, Hope Lee, is the creator of the Kyiv Mime Theatre. The theater has been actively building international contacts, participating in festivals (Kyiv, Italy, Sweden, Istanbul), competitions, and other creative venues for several years. They believe it is important to preserve the art of mime. When the war broke out, the Kyiv Mime Theatre decided to continue their art in the Netherlands. Here, they received a lot of support from the local cultural community.


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