Night of Ideas 2024

Tue 6 Feb
Books & Ideas

Crossing French and British perspectives, the Night of Ideas tackles the latest ideas of our time and engages audiences through free debates. The main theme of this year, Fault Lines, is inspired by Nancy Huston’s novel, and will be the occasion to gather thinkers, academics and students.


The current multiplication of international conflicts and the polarisation of antagonistic school of thoughts within our western societies in post-pandemic times, increase the difficulties for artists to produce a body of work that stands for its universality. From encountering many practical challenges to facing the shift of societal paradigms, the lives and the artistic choices of filmmakers are to be also analysed and understood through the prism of these fault lines that transform our cultural landscape.


Programme at the Institut français d’Écosse:

18h30 – Screening of Tomorrow (2017), Without (2019) and Transgressing (2023), three short films written and produced by Enni Red.

19h30 – Discussion with Enni Red and the music composer Yoann Mylonakis.

Tomorrow (2017)


Director – Gabriel Bagnaschi

Writer/Producer – Enni Red

Composer – Yoann Mylonakis

Logline: A man with terrible guilt has just one day to accept the inevitable.

Festivals: 4 Official Selections, 1 Award, 1 Finals, 2 Semi-finals


Without (2019)


Writer/Director/Producer – Enni Red

Composer – Yoann Mylonakis

Logline: A young ballerina faces problems both in her personal and professional life. When she loses herself in depression and plunges into imaginary worlds, real life forces her to find a way out.

Festivals: 13 Official Selections, 3 Awards



Transgressing (2023)


Director – Alessandro Repetti

Writer/Producer – Enni Red

Composer – Yoann Mylonakis

Logline: A hardworking insecure girl from a family fallen into poverty is forced to make an irreversible sacrifice to save her family and her dreams of continuing education.

Festivals: 14 Official Selections, 21 Awards, 2 Nominations, 4 Honourable Mentions, 6 Finals

Enni Red is a screenwriter, film producer, and film lecturer with 20 years of experience in the film industry. She successfully graduated from Screen Academy Scotland with an MA in Screenwriting.

During her career, Enni has written and produced a series of impactful short films, including titles such as "TOMORROW," "MAKE A WISH," "SING, MUMMY!," "WITHOUT," "FORBIDDEN," and "TRANSGRESSING." These films have garnered recognition at numerous international film festivals and have not only been screened globally but have earned multiple awards and nominations.

Enni Red's filmography delves into the lives of characters grappling with moral challenges, ethical dilemmas, and social inequality. Her commitment to cinema extends beyond entertainment, driven by a profound belief in its power and the responsibility it carries.

In 2023, Enni co-founded and played a pivotal role in producing The Bay International Film Festival in Morecambe, in the North West of England. In 2024, Enni achieved another milestone by completing a PhD in Film. She then embarked on a teaching career, specialising in Film Studies and developing a screenwriting course at Lancaster University. 

Yoann Mylonakis is an award winning composer, musician, dancer, and tutor, graduated from the Paris Conservatoire where he studied piano and chamber music performance before giving recitals internationally as a soloist and chamber musician. His interest for composition grew while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Digital Composition and Performance at The University of Edinburgh and a Certificate in Musical Writing at The University of Montreal. His passion for motion leads him to explore collaborating with dancers and
to develop an activity of filmmaker. After being nominated at the BAFTA Scotland New Talents Awards 2016 in the Best Composer category, each of Yoann’s soundtracks reach the final stages of many prestigious international film competitions and festivals to this day.