RETINA(S), a new film project by Yannik Ruault

Thu 25 Jan

Meet the French independent filmmaker and creative storyteller Yannik Ruault for a talk on his new film project, RETINA(S). Yannik will explain his creative approach “Organic Motion” and this film, which is scheduled to be filmed in Edinburgh for 2025. You will be able to see in preview artistic assets and extracts from this film script.

RETINA(S) is the third fiction feature film (fantasy, romance) by Yannik, after SNOWGLOBES (2021) and ABRAHADABRA (2017). This film tells the life of Lillian which is turned upside down by his meeting with Clay, his double.

Discover Yannik Ruault’s filmography on his website

Born in France in the 1971, Yannik Ruault is living in the United Kingdom since several years. His movies are recognized as creative in international film festivals - Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner, French Film Festival UK, Festival des a cotes, UK Francophonie. Yannik is involved in independent cinema since 2011 with his first short "Le Fruit Defendu". His second short "Reflets dans l'Oeil du Chat" (2012) explores the narrative point a view of a Cat. In his first feature film "Abrahadabra" (2017), Yannik involves Organic Motion, mixing classic camera capture with digital tablet shoot. The holistic approach by this new standard is provided with his second french feature film "Snowglobes" (2021), offering unwatched perspective.