World Ocean Day 2024

Sat 8 June

Let’s celebrate World Ocean Day 2024 with The Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK at the Institut Français d’Écosse!

World Ocean Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of June to raise awareness of the crucial role that oceans play in our everyday lives and the way we can protect them. It is a great opportunity to learn more about ocean conservation and take action to preserve our planet for future generations.

The Captain Paul Watson Foundation UK, which also operates under the name of Neptunes Pirates UK, gets its inspiration from its founder Captain Paul Watson’s unique and highly successful non-violent direct action philosophy. The foundation is dedicated to saving marine wildlife and marine ecosystem through its campaigns.

Learn more about the Ocean and Neptune’s Pirates work with meeting our guest, Dr Laura Bastianini and volunteers, Imogen Sawyer and Louise De Lisle.

You will also have the pleasure to enjoy a snack and to listen to the singer, Alyem.


Event organised by Audrey Wawrzacz.