Press Release – 5 July 2024


The Institut français d’Écosse is proud to announce the full programme of its 13th edition of Vive le Fringe!

The festival will receive Dunewind, a progressive pop band based in London that will perform a one-time show on Saturday 3 August at 7pm. Their music seamlessly blends diverse musical influences and their French, Bulgarian, Romanian and English cultural backgrounds. Their unique show will set the tone of the Vive le Fringe! 2024: a convivial and multicultural festival.


Discover a whimsical world of music and language with Singing Willows, a bilingual and musical adventure for children! Singing Willows is an interactive show filled with original songs, vibrant illustrations, and storytelling that will inspire children to learn, laugh, and dream. Singing Willows’ mission is to help children learn a new language through music and art while having fun.


Celebrating traditional dancing and multicultural African culture, Pan African Dance Heritage presents a show with African Traditional Music, Dancing and Drumming. The troupe from Ghana will dance along to traditional percussions and introduce the audience to a large variety of African dances.


The festival will also feature a mime performance by Kyiv Mime Theatre, a Ukrainian theatre company. Kyiv Mime Theatre honours the heritage of the renowned Marcel Marceau, pioneer of mime “à la française” in a modern and acrobatic show entitled Never Been so Hight. Discover the captivating art of telling a voiceless story though the body.


Zic Zazou’s All Eyes and Ears decrypts the mysterious and powerful relationship between music and cinema. Performing live on a wide variety of musical instruments, two actor-musicians demonstrate how music creates mood, tension and atmosphere as they accompany and appear in custom-made films. Audiences will come away from this playful, gently humorous show with a new perspective on the power of music.


CØLIBRI will perform an enthralling and magnetising show that gracefully bridges the gap between electronic dreaminess and classical lyricism. The French electronic artist will fill the venue with exuberant arrangements and ethereal melodies until the closing event of the festival.




Dunewind | Saturday 3 August | 7pm | 1h | £15/£12

Singing Willows – a musical adventure | August 5-26 | 3pm | 1h | £8/£6

Pan African Dance Heritage, African Traditional Dance, Drumming and Music | August 5-15 | 4.15pm | 1h10 | £10/£8

Kyiv Mime Theatre, Never Been so Hight | August 6-15 | 6pm | 50min | £10/£8

Zic Zazou, All Eyes and Ears | August 16-26 | 6.15pm | 1h15 | £12/£10

CØLIBRI | August 15-26 | 8.30pm | 45min | £12/£10                   

Venue: Institut français d’Écosse, W Parliament Square, Edinburgh EH1 1RN





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