Discover the productions from students across different universities in Scotland for the 2023 creative writing competition! For the 8th edition this year, the participants had to select a photograph (personal or not) then write the story that this photograph inspires in them, whether this story is true or not, whether it is directly connected to it or not.

Thank you to The Franco-Scottish Society of Scotland and Sylvain Blanche for the organization of this competition, and congratulations to the students from The University of Edinburgh, the Edinburgh Napier University and the University of St Andrews for the quality of their productions ! 

Here are the names of the winners :

  • 1st Prize : Stephanie Gregory for L’Aquatrip
  • 2nd Prize Ex aequo : James Bromfield for La fenêtre, le miroir and Clara Haessler for L’hiver à la Mer Baltique
  • 3rd Prize : Natàlia Espachs for Comment te dire adieu ?
  • Coup de Cœur du Public : Rosie Patterson for Les arbres en fleurs and Alys Williamson for Des mots pour mon jeune moi


Discover the texts of the 2023 creative writing competition :

2023 creative writing competition